Lee Fountain

Mike has a great understanding of every chameleon species that is available on the commercial market, and will always share his knowledge. He will help anyone from a complete novice or the advanced keeper. His dedication to his chameleons and customers is the highest I’ve seen in the business. If you have done any chameleon shopping before, then you have came across some very shady companies. His reputation for having the best chameleons at the best prices is no joke, and this is why he is the referred to as ‘the man’. With that being said, I would never hesitate to buy a chameleon from him. Not only does he have a great business, but has some of the leading chameleon minds helping him. His staff consists of some of the most well known names in chameleon studies, and they are equally passionate. Unfortunately I have not been into chameleons long enough to do more business with him. Currently I have purchased two chameleons from him. Both times he went out of my way to make sure I got what I wanted. The first purchase was a female translucent Veiled, and Mike breeds them big. Currently she is 7 months old, and she just pushed over the 100g mark. My second purchase was a male translucent Veiled chameleon. I asked Mike to get me something unique, and once again he went out of his way for me. He told me, ‘don’t worry, I got something for you’. When I opened the bag out popped an orange/red translucent Veiled. It doesn’t get anymore unique then that. Both chameleons were in great shape, and ate and drink immediately after being introduced to their new home. If you decide to do business with FL Chams, then buy with confidence because I know I will in the near future!

Justin Carl

Hi, Mike-I just received at 10:00 a.m. my juvenile male veiled chameleon. He is perfectly wonderful, plump, and for a chameleon, more sociable than most. He immediately climbed out on my hand, got a nice misting to hydrate him initially and then settled into his Taj Mahal of cages. He is now basking in his ‘sunlight,’ and checking out the new territory. I was anxious about ordering online and having him shipped, but I would not hesitate to do so again from you; I can tell you are a true chameleon afficianado. My husband, like you, is also a photographer, and I’m sure he will enjoy taking photos of my new chameleon baby. Thank you for sending me my green little friend to treasure in the days to come.

Josie Willis

I love love LOVE these little chameleons. Within hours of putting them in their new home, the male had already mated with one of the females. They are so entertaining, walking around pretending to be leaves and sticks. They are truly awesome. Thank you so much!

Judy Chesley

The Ambilobe Panther Chameleon I received today was every bit asspectacular as you described! He is a marvelous specimen that arrived by UPS next day in perfect condition. He was well packed and arrived stressfree. Once unpacked he was full of life and moved about his cage. Within30 minutes of arrival he was moving about the cage, drinking and feeding onthe crickets. Such a hearty and colorful animal is really appreciated and far superior to anything available in the local pet stores or the reptileshow I recently attended. Thanks again for great chameleon specimen and answers to all my questions.

Fritz McCorkle

I received a jacksons chameleon from you and I just want you to know that he’s PERFECT!!!!!! I have never seen one so small, cute and very calm. He’s in perfect health, eats well, very active, and quite curious. We named him Peanut. I think this relationship is love. In fact I know it is!!! Thanks Mike for this loving and healthy lil’ Peanut.

Elizabeth P

Greetings, Mike. We wanted to give you an update and thank you again forthe beautiful, huge, female Meller’s chameleon we purchased from you in March. She, Megana now, arrived well hydrated, well rested, and with a goodappetite- amazing for a WC adult female of that species. We appreciate allthe extra care you put into getting her in tip-top condition after she laid her clutch. She’s an incredible chameleon. It’s no wonder the good folks who manage the Meller’s website recommended you. Megana is very tame and friendly and has been a joy to work with. Hercules, our male Meller’s Chameleon, is crazy about her. You currently have some more very interesting chameleons available. We definitely plan to purchase from you again.

Sandy and Elliot Gesang

Hi Mike thanks for the prompt delivery of my new little guy, I’m calling him Tiamat. You were right, not only does he eat, he eats about every moving thing in sight, minus my fingers thankfully. He seems like he’s becoming acclimated to his new enclosure very well, and seems generally content. I’m glad my husbandry is favourable to him. I just wanted to thank you again. I’m sure your receive half a million of these sorts of emails, but I wanted to thank you again for my chameleon anyways!

Paul Greenhalgh

Mike, i recieved my package today on time. The chameleon i purchased is breath taking..and huge! very healthy and has a good temperment.. when fired up he shows just about every color in the rainbow… amazing. the pics on the website dont really do him justice.. all i can say is wow… and thank you for the beautiful chameleon! Let me know when you get some non-related females!

Ray Reams

First I would like to thank FLCHAMS for their dedication and delivering nothing but quality chameleons. In the last month I have gotten 2 of your chameleons. One Veiled at Repticon It is gorgeous and a Jackson Chameleon which arrived yesterday Friday 14 2008. I just want to let you know it arrived and I want to thank you for your assistance.

Andres Citeli

I just wanted you to know that my little chameleon arrived in perfect health. He was active right out of the shipping container. He started eating crickets as soon as I introduced them and is very active in his enclosure. Thanks again for all your patience and answering all my questions. I look forward to getting another Carpet Chameleon from you soon. Thanks again!

Brandi Wees

I purchased a spiny verucosus chameleon from a show in Georgia this weekend. I have to let you know how happy I am with your company. I don’t remember the gentleman I spoke to at at the show but he was very kind and informative. Also, I’m a vet tech at an exotic only clinic so the first thing I did was check a fecal for parasites, Nothing. I’m am so use to find loads of parasites in recent reptile purchases. I was so surprised I had to let you all know. Thank you for the wonderful service I will go to you first for any further chameleon purchases.

Melissa Dewey

Hey Mike, I was at the Orlando Repticon Show early yesterday and got one of your little panther chameleon gems. I just wanted to let you know how pleased i was, not only with the chameleon but with your staff. He’s eating and drinking great and exploring every branch. Thanks so much. You guys are clearly the best!


Just received the AWESOME Parsons and Carpet Chameleons I purchased from you. Fat, hydrated, healthy looking chameleons!!! FL Chams has great customer service and his chameleons really show it !I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from Mike again and I will!! thanks again Mike!!!

Robert A.

Hey Mike, I got her and she’s exploring her cage now. She’s beautiful. Thanks again and you will always come highly recommended from the Gorman family.

Jim Gorman

I just received my first Veiled Chameleon, and he arrived on time and as healthy as promised. I worried about ordering a chameleon over the web. I couldn’t be more happy with the little chameleon i recieved. He is only 4 months old and already has awesome colors and is eating like crazy. Thanks!

Ty Mitchem

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