Bruce Hrobak

I have been collecting Chameleons for many years. I found Mike Monge and FL Chams thru the internet. In these days who would ever think that threw getting the most perfect ,Healthy and Beautiful, Veiled Chameleons, Jackson Chameleons and Panther Chameleon that I now proudly display at my Business and that myself and Mike Monge would become such good friends. I am doing a true honest testimonial but we have become friends through both our love for Fishing. The Largest Turquoise Veiled Chameleon male we purchased we named King. He is a strong thriving eater. King has already bred with some of FL CHAMS Females I have in one of my three enclosures. I have 2 clutchs of eggs already. I also received a gravid female Jackson Chameleon named Jill that is on display at my Tackle Shop. The Truth is the Truth myself and Mike Monge of FL Chams are now friends I had the pleasure of taking his son Elijah and Mike Sipos of FL Chams for their first Fishing trip in the Atlantic Ocean.But please, let me finish my testimonial like this. First and foremost is it the truth to do business with someone you may feel is your friend, someone that is Honest and has the best Chameleons that you will ever see! Or deal with someone whom is second best? The answer should be easy for you. There is one problem getting hand selected pairs of Chameleons from Mike Monge. It will lead to many clutchs of egg so order another complete Chameleon set – up when you order a pair to get ready !!! Thanks alot USCG Master License: Captain Bruce Hrobak owner Billy Bones Bait n Tackle