Greg Spradling

I ordered a chameleon, for my little boy’s 10th birthday, from a less reputable company to save a couple bucks. Big mistake. I got HORRIBLE customer service and a call from my credit card company the next day telling me that the card I used to buy the chameleon had a fraud alert due to unauthorized usage. Possibly a coincidence but who knows. After not receiving my chameleon when promised 10:30am next day, I called ‘___________’ customer service number about 20 times. No answer. I gave them about 4 hours to return my call before cancelling the order. I then called Mike at ‘FL Chams’. He actually sounded glad to hear a customer calling. We spoke for a few minutes and determined the best chameleon for my son. I ordered it late in the day around 4:15 and Mike rushed the order out to me so it would be here for my son’s birthday. It arrived as promised and in great condition. We opened the box and out came a beautiful chameleon who proceeded to climb all over my son. He said ‘This was my best birthday ever.’ Many thanks to Mike for going above and beyond. You made a little boy very happy! Don’t look anywhere else for your next chameleon! FL Chams is the place to call.