Justin Carl

Mike has a great understanding of every chameleon species that is available on the commercial market, and will always share his knowledge. He will help anyone from a complete novice or the advanced keeper. His dedication to his chameleons and customers is the highest I’ve seen in the business. If you have done any chameleon shopping before, then you have came across some very shady companies. His reputation for having the best chameleons at the best prices is no joke, and this is why he is the referred to as ‘the man’. With that being said, I would never hesitate to buy a chameleon from him. Not only does he have a great business, but has some of the leading chameleon minds helping him. His staff consists of some of the most well known names in chameleon studies, and they are equally passionate. Unfortunately I have not been into chameleons long enough to do more business with him. Currently I have purchased two chameleons from him. Both times he went out of my way to make sure I got what I wanted. The first purchase was a female translucent Veiled, and Mike breeds them big. Currently she is 7 months old, and she just pushed over the 100g mark. My second purchase was a male translucent Veiled chameleon. I asked Mike to get me something unique, and once again he went out of his way for me. He told me, ‘don’t worry, I got something for you’. When I opened the bag out popped an orange/red translucent Veiled. It doesn’t get anymore unique then that. Both chameleons were in great shape, and ate and drink immediately after being introduced to their new home. If you decide to do business with FL Chams, then buy with confidence because I know I will in the near future!