Liz Phipps

Hi Mike,Just wanted to send you a quick email – the baby chameleon got here last week and is doing great! Very active and outgoing, eating like a horse and actually will eat in front of me unlike 2 of the other chameleons here! I was impressed with his/her attitude as well! Far more outgoing and accepting of my presence than even my female panther chameleon was at this age! Also, we already were in for the initial vet visit – which wasn’t hard since the baby chameleon was delivered to the clinic! My vet was very impressed with the healthy and quality of the baby. Our clinic is considered to be ‘the’ herp clinic in the area second only to the Vet School and even they refer patients to us. So, obviously, we pay close attention to good and bad breeders etc. If it is okay, we’d like to add your site to our list of recommended breeders.Thanks again – the baby is just awesome!Liz