Overnight Shipping by UPS $50.00 (flat rate for any quantity of chameleons purchased)

We ship exclusively with UPS via Next Day Air for all of our live animals. Our Shipping Schedule is Monday through Thursday for Tuesday through Friday deliveries. Shipping Fees usually stay the same when purchasing multiple animals depending on the size of the animals.

Our Chameleon Cage Shipping

Cages are shipped via UPS Ground. Please see our cages page for exact shipping rates.

Our Safe Shipping Methods

Shipping chameleons is a lot safer then it might sound. We carefully pack each of our shipments and have had an excellent track record with the animals we ship.

We use UPS Overnight Shipping for all our chameleon orders. These shipments are dropped off to a shipping location late in the afternoon and typically arrive by 10:30am the next morning to most areas. As a result, our shipments spend as little time in transit during peak heat as possible.

Each of our chameleon orders are shipped in high quality Styrofoam lined boxes to minimize the effect of external temperatures on the internal temperature of the box. During particularly cold weather, we include appropriate heat packs to further ensure the temperatures in the shipping box stay ideal. Further, in particularly warm periods, we use cold packs for the same purpose.

Chameleons are packed in either deli cups or cloth bags, depending on the size of the animal and these are carefully placed in the shipping boxes with padding to limit jostling during shipping.

Once the box is sealed, the chameleons tend to fall asleep and upon opening of the box at its destination, the chameleons tend to be alert and none the worse for ware. We have had excellent success with our shipping methods and are confident in the process. Provided all our Terms & Conditions are followed, we guarantee our shipped animals with a 7-day health guarantee (please see Terms & Conditions for complete details). Rest assured that every effort to ensure the wellbeing of the animals is taken and the process is much safer then it might seem.

Winter Shipping

Winter Shipping! FL Chams, Inc. is a Preferred UPS Shipper. All of our chameleons are packed securely in insulated reptile approved shipping boxes. The animals are individually packed in either Deli Cups with punched holes or Reptile Cloth Bags. During the cold winter months we safely ship our chameleons all over the United States. Each box has a styrofoam insulated lining with a 40 hour heat pack in the box. Animals arrive at the UPS shipping facility around 6:00pm Monday through Thursday. In most instances, animals are in transit 15-20 hours. Most shipments, depending on the customers zip codes, are delivered before 10:30am the next day. Feel free to purchase all year long as we have thousands of happy customers who receive their chameleons safe and sound without any worries with the shipping process.