Hi Mike, Just wanted to thank you again for everything you did get our panther chameleon here! We are in love with him! (Ambilobe Panther Chameleon)

Susan Hauck


“Bought this guy in April of this year and he’s doing great.  He’s a Driskel bloodline. At about 7 months he’s getting his colors and looking to be a chip off the ol’ block. Thanks for a great chameleon! Our family loves him!”

Lindsay O’Neill

“I purchased a baby chameleon about two weeks ago and he is an absolute champ!!!  I showed some pictures and videos of him to my coworkers (underground miners 4850 feet below the surface) and they flipped out.  Thank you for such a great experience and look forward to doing business with you in the future.  Unreal service and great little critter.”

Theodore Rumel

Hello! My name is Miranda Hayes. I purchased a 3 month old veiled chameleon from you guys in March and haven’t had a chance to send photos! He’s doing great! His name is Nelson and is about 13 inches long from nose to tail!

Miranda Hayes

Just received the Brookesia Chameleons and they look great. I’m sure the female chameleon is gravid. I’ve been very happy with the health and vigor of the Oustalets as well. They are both growing at an excellent pace. Its clear to me that you’re running a clean ship and thats why you are one of few breeders I plan to deal with as we build our herp collection for the new Steinhart Aquarium in 2008. Thanks again for the top notch chameleons!

Ned McAllister – Biologist – Steinhart Aquarium

We purchased 0.3 High Casque Chameleons from Mike a few months ago. All three chameleons arrived in fantastic shape amazing color and great body condition. Settled right in and were feeding within hours. We have since placed one of them in with our male on exhibit and she is doing wonderful even had babies drop! Thanks for the great chameleons!

Beth Moorhead – Herpetologist – Senior Keeper – Houston Zoo

The chameleons arrived quickly and safely. They look great! Thanks again.

Dallas Zoo – Bradley Lawrence – Herp Supervisor

As a returning customer I would highly recommend FLChams to anyone interested in purchasing a chameleon. Not only will you receive a quality animal your order will be filled correctly and arrive as scheduled on time. I have worked in the veterinary profession for over 17 years and it is a pleasure to deal with someone so dedicated to raising and selling beautiful, healthy and active chameleons. Thanks Mike.

Claudia O’Meara – Registerd Veterinarian Technician

Thank you for your shipment! UPS did it’s job and all the veiled chameleons look great! WOW those translucent veiled chameleons are amazing!!!

Dr. Raul E. Diaz Biology Professor SE LA University

We needed 1.1.0 F. pardalis chameleons large enough for an upcoming Madagascar exhibit opening this March. Mike responded to my email within minutes and gladly met our standards for a professional herp source and provided a pair of robust healthy vibrant sub-adult Ambilobe locale panther chameleons that exceeded our expectations in size and color! Both are eating well independently and from tongs and will complement our exhibit greatly. Mike is a great communicator and professional even taking time after traditional business hours to answer my questions, provide documentation, and satisfy our organizations needs. I highly recommend him as a source of healthy chameleons for any professional zoological institution. Thanks Mike!

Eric Hovland – Curator – The Florida Aquarium

Mike is passionate about chameleons. I was very impressed at how much energy he put into rescuing late-stage gravid WC melleri and getting them to lay eggs on their own power. Such melleri are usually considered doomed or are destroyed for their potential eggs, but he has their rescue down to an art. He has also been helpful in sharing his observations and advice with the melleri keeping community. I recently purchased one of his female melleri after she laid, and he sent a second female along just to get her acclimated sooner than later. The chameleons arrived in a timely fashion AND on the day I specified, which is rare in the chameleon community. Both are putting on weight like crazy and showing positive acclimating behaviors. He cares about the individual animals and their keepers, not the almighty dollar. I highly recommend FL Chams for a positive chameleon experience, and technical support after your purchase. Mike knows his stuff!

Kristina Francis – Melleri Discovery Group

Great looking animals!

Stan Mays – Herpetology Curator – Houston Zoo

Mike Monge aptly represents the New Wave of modern herpetoculture. He brings efficiency, style and trust to the whole herp industry. His set-ups are simple and spotless, and his hordes of baby chameleons of various species glow of perfect health. New chameleon admirers and old pros alike will benefit by his professional standards of supplying quality stock.

Bill Love – Blue Chameleon Ventures

Hi Mike,Thank you for supplying Arizona State University with chameleons. I know we were a little trying with the specifics of our order (wanting a large quantity of sibling male chameleons of a specific age delivered on a specific date). Thank you for all your replies of assurance to our email reminders of the specific details of our orders. FL Chams delivered to us exactly what we requested, when we wanted them. Thank you for helping us get the chameleons we needed!

Department of Animal Care and Technologies – Arizona State University - NY

Not only does Mike have the best chameleons I have seen, he has also produced some of the best chameleons I personally use as chameleon breeders in my projects. Hands down Mike is the BEST in the business. Not only for his high quality chameleons, but for exceptional customer service that is unequalled in the industry. It’s like he ‘Never stops breeding for YOU!

Josh Boysen-Lost Lake Chameleons Owner

I have purchased chameleons and cages from Mike for over two years now and have never been disappointed in the quality of either. The animals that Mike breeds himself are exceptional and the WC animals I have received have been ‘Cherry Picked’ and in excellent condition. I look forward to continuing the business relationship with him as well as the friendship that has developed. Mike is a great guy and has been extremely helpful with my endeavors in this hobby.

Brad Ramsey- Chameleon Forums Moderator

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