Mellers Chameleon (Chamaeleo (Trioceros) melleri)


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We have a Young Mellers Chameleons for sale. Notice their rostral horn already coming in. This has to be one of the most spectacular chameleon species. They’re docile giants and have grown into one of my favorite species of chameleon. Mellers are impressive for not only their size, but also their single horn and scalloping scalation along their dorsal crest all the way down to their tail. These are one of the three largest chameleons in the world. Unfortunately it is not possible to accurately sex a Meller’s even as adults so they are listed as Unknown Sex. If I was to own one lone chameleon this would definitely be one of the most fantastic and impressive display animals of all chameleons and for that case reptiles. To watch a video of some of our past groups of Mellers Chameleons hatching visit

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Unknown Sex