Crystal McDonald

(FLChams) Fantastic chameleons, (Mike) fantastic service! We have bought several chameleons from FLChams, and each one has been incredibly healthy. We like going to pet stores to see what interests us, but when it comes time to buy, the only company that gets our money is FLChams!!! When we buy from FLChams, not only are we going to get a beautiful chameleon, but we KNOW that it will be healthy and will live to its full life expectancy. They have a terrific variety of captive-bred species. Thats why Ive come back with my last three purchases. Every chameleon Ive bought for the last 8 years has been from Mike. Not only has Mike returned my every call personally, hes always been willing and able to answer questions about the animals, general care and setup, delivery updates, or maintenance, whatever my need may be. He also tends to enjoy chatting about the various chameleons theyve got, and he likes to find out about the enclosures and households theyre going to, making sure that my chameleon will have the best chance for a long, healthy and happy life with me. After the purchase, his follow-up care is second to none. He enjoys giving feedback when needed, and has helped me through breeding Veileds and setting up our new Oustalets. He truly cares about making sure that you and the newest member of your family are a perfect match, ready to embark upon a long and pleasant journey together. In the ever-changing environment of herp sales, I can think of only one absoluteevery chameleon I will ever buy will be from FLChams!! Crystal McDonaldFollow-up: It has now been almost a month since we received our new family members, and we are happy to report that both have shed, and are doing wonderfully!! They are very happy. We bought a Veiled Chameleon, and an Oustalet’s Chameleon. The Oustalet’s has been handleable since day one–it’s own testimonial to the treatment they received at FLChams. We could not be happier with our new babies, and will buy again from FLChams when the time comes for another Chameleon!!