Jarod Milloy

Thanks for the 4 veiled chameleons again, they are all doing great!!! Three of the four chameleons are eating out of my hand already. They all know when its feeding time when they see the black tube with crickets in it and they all chase their crickets with in seconds of the crickets being in the cage. Most of the time they already have one before i can get the cage closed. They all are drinking water every time the misters turn on, one of them hangs upside down by the nozzle and drinks straight out of it everytime. I was a little bit worried about buying from a new breeder but the health of the baby chams i got says everything. You are one of the few people that knows how to raise and breed healthy chameleons!!! Just from talking to you i know you are not in it for the money you are in it for the love of the chameleons otherwise you would have shipped my chameleons in the cold and not cared about them because you already had your money. You live up to everything you said on your website and I look forward to buying more chameleons in the future from you just based on the health of the chams i got from you and how you run your business. I wish the best of luck to your family and your chameleons. Thanks for everything