Kristina Francis – Melleri Discovery Group

Mike is passionate about chameleons. I was very impressed at how much energy he put into rescuing late-stage gravid WC melleri and getting them to lay eggs on their own power. Such melleri are usually considered doomed or are destroyed for their potential eggs, but he has their rescue down to an art. He has also been helpful in sharing his observations and advice with the melleri keeping community. I recently purchased one of his female melleri after she laid, and he sent a second female along just to get her acclimated sooner than later. The chameleons arrived in a timely fashion AND on the day I specified, which is rare in the chameleon community. Both are putting on weight like crazy and showing positive acclimating behaviors. He cares about the individual animals and their keepers, not the almighty dollar. I highly recommend FL Chams for a positive chameleon experience, and technical support after your purchase. Mike knows his stuff!