Rich Culbertson

Just wanted to let you know I received the female veiled chameleon the other day and she looked great!! I called the UPS man before she came and asked him to make sure the shipment stayed warm since I was one of the last stops. When he pulled up he told me he had my veiled sitting up front with him all day keeping warm by the heater. He also told me I would have to ‘Sing it to sleep tonight’ because he was listening to rock n roll and singing to it all Anyway, thanks for being such a reputable chameleon dealer Mike, unfortunatly I’ve dealt with shysters in the past and it’s not fun, but it’s been a real pleasure dealing with you and your business. It’s good to know that there are still some good and honest herp (chameleon) breeders out there. I have no problem ordering with you in the future. ‘