Trevor Mann

The chameleon literally began to impress me right out of the bag. He was healthy and green despite having just arrived and behaved in a calm manner while displaying everything a healthy reptile should. Clear eyes, an unsoiled vent, and an acute alertness told me I’d made the right decision in buying from FLChams. When I was six or seven my father tried to keep a Jackson’s chameleon in a plexiglass cage of sorts with a fan in the bottom to in theory circulate air through the cage. He died in nine months. That was the first reptile pet I’d ever had and to get the same species and see it doing well in my care and better knowledge of what to do has a sort of value to me that isn’t easily explained. Either way the adult male I now have in my possesion is a great example of his species. Thanks man, I couldn’t have asked for a healthier animal. I’m thoroughly impressed.