All 5 of the chameleons arrived in good health and are quite active. Thanks for the awesome little guys!

Scott Mueller

I ordered a veiled chameleon from you a couple of days ago, and I just wanted to say thanks! He looks great and is very active. thanks one again, I look forward to buying more from you in the future.

Frank Portillo

About a year ago I ordered my first chameleon from FL Chams it was a nice, baby, male veiled chameleon who is now a very colorful and impressive adult veiled chameleon. I was new to chameleon keeping, but Mike took the time to explain the basics to me – and reading his web site care sheets did the rest. I’m already up to my fourth chameleon species and still going! Buying from Mike has been nothing but a pleasure. His chameleons, his  chameleon cages, his web site and his service are second to none. His follow up help has made all the difference for me – more than once! For anyone starting out, or even for advanced chameleon keepers, there is no better place to buy the best chameleons than at FL Chams!

Stefani Crandell

I order a chameleon from you guys and received him yesterday. And I want to let you know that I am very happy with him. He seems to be doing really well . He has lots of energy and is exploring his new home. I am looking forward to watching him grow up. It was great doing business with you guys looking forward to doing business with you again.

Meghan Cafone

I would like to take the time to thank Mike for his expertise, knowledge and help. I had called early in the morning asking many questions on Chameleons because I am a beginner and was inquiring about purchasing a Veiled Chameleon for my son Liam’s Birthday. I originally wanted to order a 2 month old veiled chameleon, just because it was cheaper, but Mike had reassured me that a 4 month old veiled chameleon was the way to go. He had said that the 4 month old chameleon would be much heartier and stable. I also purchased the recommended chameleon cage from him and he redirected me to a website for the purchase of the other supplies I would need before the arrival of our Chameleon. He shipped out our cage and told me the minute I received my cage and had everything I needed set up to call him and he would ship out our Chameleon immediately for next day delivery. Well, with all his advise and help on my other purchases we were all set up and ready to go. I called and said, ‘I am ready to go’ and the next day received our Veiled Chameleon known by the name now ‘Echo’:. Echo was healthy, packaged beautifully and took to his new home. My son Liam and 5 other children are so excited and cannot stop watching him; and I have to admit my wife who was not a huge fan of animals and reptiles has fallen in love with Echo, she admires how peaceful and cute he is to watch. We would all like to thank Mike in his fascination with these creatures, and the statement he made is true,’ Chameleons are one of Gods most fascinating creatures.’ Thank you again Mike and family from ours, Bob, Karen, Joey, Emily, Liam, Aidan, Reilly and Max.

Robert Bob Besserer

I just wanted to let you know that my little guy arrived yesterday just as planned and he looks great! He was very active yesterday checking out his new pad and even ate a little bit. Thanks a lot for living up to your reputation I am super happy with everything and I will be coming to you from now on for my Chameleons!! Take Care!

Erol Erturk

Hi Mike!I am soooo happy with my new chameleon! What a difference from the one I bought at the reptile show. I had Santana’s Carlos was our first chameleon habitat warmed up, misted and ready with crickets before UPS showed up. Santana was glad to get out of the box and was rocking and rolling through his new home. He went immediately to the drip system then had himself 4 crickets!Now I know the difference between a healthy baby chameleon and one that is not. Do you know his hatch date? Yes, my animals have celebrations! Thank you Mike for all your help and for picking out such a beautiful chameleon for me. I already enjoy him!


I just purchased 1.2 Bearded Pygmy Chameleons from FL Chams. All the correspondence was prompt and helpful. I even received a professional receipt quoting all of my expenses and the guarantees that applied. And best of all the chameleons arrived in perfect condition. By far the best and smoothest reptile transaction I’ve ever had!!!

Kara Snow

I’ve been very pleased with the business I’ve conducted with Mike. My first experience was when I received a large shipment of various Brookesia species from him. They were shipped very well, his communication was excellent and all the chameleons arrived in great condition. He takes excellent care of his chameleons and has always sent his animals in the best condition you can ask for. When I recently purchased some C. p. parsonii chameleons from a seller in his area, rather than have the seller continue to care for the animals and ship them to me after the weekend, I asked Mike to take them, care for them and ship them because I knew the level of care he goes to with his animals and the care taken when he ships. Mike is definitely someone you can buy from with complete confidence!

Chris Anderson

I just got my chameleon. He’s in his cage drinking some water. He’s so young and already showing color.I’m amazed. Thanks!

Christian Farinato

Since the arrival of the juvenile male Veiled Chameleon I purchased a few months back, he has topped out at 21 inches, and is the best quality Veiled I have ever seen. You offer top-knotch service, are always quick to respond to emails, shipping was prompt and excellent, and the veiled chameleon is outstanding. I couldn’t have asked for better. it was far beyond my expectations and I’ll readily purchase from you again. Thanks so much!

Michele Smith

Mike is definitely one of the ‘good guys’ in the business. I would recommend him to anyone, and know he is a man of his word.

Jim Flaherty

Mike has proven himself to be a very knowledgable guy to deal with. His genuine interest and excitement for not only his chameleons but his customers is an uncommon trait in this industry. I recently purchased a C. p. parsonii chameleon from Mike and was impressed with the level of communication and effort that Mike put into the transaction. The chameleon was shipped perfectly; every effort was made to insure minimal stress and injury during the move. As an added bonus I also picked up a pair of Mike’s recently hatched Ch. T. deremensis chameleon, and these little guys have been terrific. Mike is really putting quality effort into bringing to market some species that are rarely seen in any condition other than wild caught. I highly recommend doing business with Mike, you will never wonder what you are getting.

Zerah J Morris

I am soo satisfied with your chameleons and your service. I have passed you name and business to several friends and will promote your business at this weekends Hamburg. PA show. With all the current chameleon purchases  I am happy with the quality, price, knowledge and service. I will continue only purchasing from FLCHAMS! I hope you can fulfill any future request for me. Thank you, Todd ‘

Todd Bovino

Chameleon got here and he is GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for such incredible service. The boys just love him! We will be sure to recommend you to everyone!

Kendra Sanders

Thanks so much for the wonderful Parson’s chameleon. She was in great shape when she arrived. Hydrated and plump! As a chameleon breeder, I know healthy specimens and know you are someone I can trust. Look forward to future business with you.

Chuck Gochnour – Heroic Chameleons Owner

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