Low Color Translucent Baby Veiled Chameleons



We have a handful of lower visibilty translucent veiled chameleons for sale. You will notice the clear and white parts in the feet of the chameleons. Bred with a high translucent veiled chameleon you will produce some of the higher translucent veiled chameleons. This translucent veiled chameleon morph was originally discovered in the wild. As they mature they form a neon coloration of the normal colors you would expect from a veiled chameleon. Low Translucent veiled chameleons are a visible HET in this co-dominant form of a veiled chameleon. They won’t have the traditional colors they will be a more neon version of the regular coloration. The translucent features are not as pronounced as the high translucent veiled chameleons, but are still very unique unlike regular veiled chameleons.

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