Baby Veiled Chameleons


Age: 2 Months

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We have a several unrelated groups of baby veiled chameleons for sale.Our veiled chameleons are all captive bred and born which was typical until Florida Wild Caughts started showing up in the market place. Ours are bred specifically for amazing coloration and size.Our veiled chameleons are going to have the wow factor not just some run of the mill standard veiled chameleon. You are purchasing directly from the breeder not a veiled chameleon that was collected in the wild and has gone from hand to hand. Breeder Direct Veileds. We are the ones that have hatched and reared these on our own at our facilities. For veiled chameleon care please visit our chameleon care sheet on our home page. The baby veiled chameleons are eating 1/4 size crickets. Please visit our testimonial page and buy with confidence.

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