Premium (Glen Bloodline) Juvenile Veiled Chameleons


Age: 3 to 4 Months


Juvenile Veiled Chameleons For Sale from Glen! Glen is one of our newest Yellow and Blue Veiled Chameleon Breeders. He is actually a smaller veiled chameleon and we’ve been working with some that just haven’t seemed to get so big. We are now offering these high yellow and blue juvenile veiled chameleons for sale. When looking to buy a Veiled Chameleon for sale don’t settle for ordinary. Our premium juvenile veiled chameleons are a product of years of breeding to give you the best quality high colored veiled chameleons offered anywhere in the world. Nows your chance to buy a beautiful baby veiled chameleon with incredible genetics. The Veiled Chameleon pictured is the Sire of the juvenile veiled chameleons for sale that you will be receiving.

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