Premium (Jethro Bloodline) Juvenile Veiled Chameleon


Age: 3 to 4 Months


We have some incredible premium juvenile veiled chameleons for sale from our Premium Veiled Chameleon Jethro Bloodline. We only have a handful of juvenile veiled chameleons for sale from this gorgeous bloodline. This is a bloodline of high yellow with some blue. A must have for any veiled chameleon collection. The Veiled Chameleon pictured is the Sire of the juvenile veiled chameleons you will be receiving. We’ve spent years of breeding to offer these spectacular veiled chameleons for sale. These Veiled Chameleons are not the common green veiled you will receive from most pet stores. These will be unbelievable colored veiled chameleons. Now’s your chance to add one of FL Chams’s premium veiled chameleons for sale to your collection. Don’t settle for ordinary! Buy Exceptional Veiled Chameleons! As a first time buyer a juvenile sized chameleon is the best starter size. Juvenile veiled chameleons are a larger size eating a larger sized cricket that is more readily available at your local pet stores.

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