Premium (Newton Bloodline) Baby Veiled Chameleon


Age: 2 to 3 Months


We are now offering baby veiled chameleons for sale from our Newton Bloodline. Newton had the most unique coloring and patterns we have ever seen in a veiled chameleon. Veiled Chameleons typically have up and down barring and with this particular veiled chameleon the patterns are squiggly line throughout his body. These baby veiled chameleons are going to be super blue and yellow veileds. This male has some of the most unique coloration we’ve seen on a veiled including an incredible design on his skin. Now’s your chance to purchase a premium veiled chameleon bloodline. Veiled Chameleons are the most hardy of all chameleon species. When looking to buy a veiled chameleon realize these baby veiled chameleons are not just an ordinary run of the mill veiled chameleon. These are top notch premium bloodlines. Don’t settle for Ordinary!

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