Premium (Sky Bloodline) Baby Veiled Chameleon


Age: 2 Months


Sky is one of our newest Yellow and Blue Veiled Chameleon Breeders. We are now offering his baby veiled chameleons for sale. Sky is an unbelievable additions to our Veiled Chameleon breeder bloodlines. Notice his gorgeous yellows and baby coloration. Now is your chance to buy a beautiful baby veiled chameleon from this pure sunburst turquoise bloodline. The Veiled Chameleon pictured is the Sire of the baby veiled chameleons for sale that you will be receiving. Please be sure to look at our Veiled Chameleon Care Sheet for complete information on how to properly house and maintain veiled chameleons. Veiled Chameleons are one of the hardiest of all the chameleon species and definitely the best starter chameleon!

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